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It's so easy to just like, do nothing these days. Not in a nice way.

(Is it actually to do with these days or just this period in my life?)

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sdr fun

The automated weather service channel sounds neat without any demodulation. :)

(This is 10 seconds of output from rtl_sdr at 162.425mhz downsampled to 48khz.)

I wonder if I can make this thing sweep through some frequencies as it records...

doing the really boring thing so i can do the really exciting thing

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Barry Traux's Riverrun

The last track on this album (Riverrun from 1986) is one of the earliest recordings of realtime granular synthesis: https://archive.org/details/barry-truax-digital-soundscapes

The paper about the implementation is also still an interesting read: https://www.jstor.org/stable/3679938

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Two Parts, Two Voices

There is a page up now about this exhibition of graphic scores curated by Heather Warren-Crow and Andrew Weathers at CO-OPt gallery in Lubbock Texas called Postscore.

They asked a bunch of folks to put a score on one (or two) large blank postcards and mail them back to the gallery again.

I did two for two voices based on a text from the Mahābhārata:

Time ripens the creatures. Time rots them. And time again puts out the Time that burns down the creatures.

(As I understand it, the capitalization is to distinguish between time as a concept and time as an embodied agent?)

It's fun to see all the other contributions!


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omfg, I'm catching up with tonight's Techtonic in the archives, Cory Doctorow is talking about his new book and ways Amazon is evil, among other things. I'd never heard about all the audible audiobook scam stuff. Amazing.

The section on how Spotify's scam works is pretty clarifying, too:


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One of the instruments in David Tudor's Rainforest (for some of the performances) was this cute little chimney brush called Hedgehog



0462 www.remindedbytheinstruments.info

"Fragments does indeed sound like a pathologically weathered fragment of a once healthy and full electronic music." - You Nakai, Reminded by the Instruments

Aw, the only recording that exists of Fragments is in the David Tudor Papers collection at the Getty Research Institute. Hope that gets rescued from a box on a shelf one day.

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