I really don't like "tech"

De La Démocratie en Amérique

Which translation of Democracy in America should I read?


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My contribution to this place is to say:

Have a think. Stop. It's prolly OK to stop.

Think about all the stuff.

Think about whatever.

After that, if you feel compelled to say something:

Think about the thing you are about to say
Love to you


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media consumption

I'd planned to stop consuming visually-based media next year, as an experiment. I tried it once for a month in 2016 and it felt like a sea change in my mind, but maybe a year is just asking for a relapse?

So I'm thinking maybe to ease into it, pick weeks that are visual-media-free, and otherwise just move my watching exclusively to DVDs?

My thinking is the problem isn't so much that I consume too much TV and Movies (though: I probably do) but more that I do it on the same machine that I use for work and for composing.

Having an entertainment machine that's different from my tool machine, and also isn't connected to the internet, seems like a good place to start...

We'll see how it goes, I guess.

To be clear: I like TV a lot. I'd agree with Neil Postman when he says that images are wonderful ways to communicate feelings. TV can be a friend to the lonely. (Like me.) These are good, fine things. Still, I'd made this plan before I read Postman's book Entertaining Ourselves to Death recently and reading his argument for a more media-literate public also made me appreciate the special role image-based mediums have in our lives.

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omg two young squirrels have been play-fighting out my window for a while now, they stop now & then to see if I'm still looking.

now there is a third one!

cutest little squirrel-pile-on I ever saw

plotting a zine of invented word poems by @[email protected]

Got further along on this today than I planned.

Maybe chance operations will decide the pen colors on each edition... because I can't decide & I feel like this is a Rusty choice to make. :)

I love the color combinations but the ink gets a little mushy in places. I think playing with the density and number of layers within a line will look cool and maybe also be less mushy...

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Listening to Sebastian Roux's Pillow through exciters stuck on my windows makes it sound like the glass is breaking. (Pop, crackle, hiss.)

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